No matter how stunning your makeup is, or what skill you use, you need a makeup brush to finish all. The key to a great makeup application is how to use lip brush. The lip brushes are normally used to apply lip gloss or lipstick evenly on the lips.

Makeup brush

The Advantages of using a lip brush

Most people apply lip stick directly, and a small number of people use lip brushes to apply lipstick. There are many benefits to applying lipstick with a lip brush, such as:

First draw an obvious lip line according to the shape of the lip, and then apply lipstick. In this way, it is easy to create a beautiful lip shape. If you use the lip brush to expand the lip line and then apply it to the inside, it will be a lip enrichment effect.

If you apply lipstick directly, you may ignore some lip gap, and it will look blank and unnatural. And if you use a lip brush, the lip makeup will be more natural and even, avoiding some embarrassing problems. And if you use lip brush,you can apply similar colors after thin coating.

When using a lip brush to dip lipstick, you can more accurately control the amount of lipstick. Don’t worry about applying too much force and applying too much lipstick. Compared with directly applying lipstick, applying lipstick can save more lipstick.

Dead skin or other dirty stuff are easy to stay on the lipstick, and using a lip brush can effectively make it more healthful. To ensure proper hygiene, it is advisable to avoid sharing brushes.

Details to pay attention to with a lip brush:

1.Adjust lip shape

With a lip brush, you can adjust the shape of your lips and draw a delicate lip shape you like.

2. Trace your lips

Before applying lipstick, trace the lip line with a lip brush to make it easier to apply lipstick. Please remember use foundation or concealer  first, before applying lip liner.

3. Fill in the lip lines

The benefits of using a lip brush are many. One of the benefits is that it can carefully fill in the lip lines and it won’t waste too much lipstick directly.

4.Overlay lipstick color

When you want to use two or more lipsticks to create a three-dimensional lip makeup, you can use the lip brush to do it.

Applying lip makeup can be super easy once you know how to use the lip brush to create a stunning and fabulous look. Lip brush makes sure the application of cosmetics on the lips is precise. And lip brush also helps to give the lips a more natural appearance. Everybody should get started in using lip brush.